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Frederic Delarue
Frederic DelarueSince the Angels appeared to me during a Near Death Experience at age 12, I place my hands on the keyboards and they play what the Angels sing in my ears.

Born in Chartres, France, I was raised by a family of cereal farmers. At the age of 4 1/2, I asked to learn how to play the piano as I intuitively knew that Music would become my career. At 12, I was involved in a car accident, which changed my perception of life as I encountered Angels and Beings of Light during a Near Death Experience.

I moved to Los Angeles at the end of 1999 then relocated to the Palm Springs area, California in 2002. At the age of 40, Jesus appeared to me after another car accident and showed me powerful scenes of healing, which completed the knowledge that I now share around the World through my Concerts and Speaking Engagements.

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